Drexel and the Ball (The Final Part)

Drexel’s teeth clenched and he paced back and forth. He stopped and glared at the ball, his chest rising and falling with each infuriated breath. Suddenly he lunged, slapped his hands around the ball and tore it from the couch. Tucking it under one arm, he flung open the front door; birds scattered from the... Continue Reading →

Drexel and the Ball (Part 3)

Drexel put down his bag of chips. The silence waited. He reached for the remote control and pointed it at the television. “Why did you pay three dollars for me?” said the basketball, from its position at the end of the couch. Drexel lowered the remote. He looked at the basketball. “What?” After a short... Continue Reading →

Drexel and the Ball (Part 2)

Drexel was thrilled. As soon as he got home, he ate his lemon tart and then changed into shorts and a t-shirt, and put on his runners. He took his new basketball and squeezed it, smelled it, bounced it and tried to spin it on his finger. Grinning with glee he placed the ball on... Continue Reading →

Drexel and the Ball (Part 1)

'Twas a fine Saturday morning—chirping sparrows flitted across blue skies; flowers dappled the trees in all the lively colours of summer; and over patches of blooming clover bees frolicked, skipping like the little ball on a karaoke screen that lets you know when to sing each syllable. Drexel Hoffman strode like a man about to... Continue Reading →

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